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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Executive Director of Midwest Center Elected to Executive Board of Local Branch of NAACP

It is an honor that I was able to run and to receive the support of the local members of the Steubenville Branch of the NAACP in our most recent election.

I'm looking forward to working with the members, the newly elected President Michael McIntyre and the Executive Committee and all members across the district to help build on the historical relevance of the NAACP in southeastern Ohio.

Knowing that the NAACP is open to persons of all races, nationalities and backgrounds, this is a very special honor and one that I will try my best to undertake with purpose and commitment with the view to fulfill the mission and goals of the broad National NAACP efforts on a wide variety of issues as they impact both our region and that of the State of Ohio and around the nation;

its time to roll up the sleeves and get to work building on the strong advocacy of those who have served in recent times faithfully on behalf of those who want to see a fair and equitable society and to have those of color and those of all backgrounds, especially the poor treated better in our region. 

So, soon, and very soon, we aim to make a noise here in the local branch of the NAACP and we aim also to be effective; one cannot be genuine nor successful in the field of civil rights, without doing both ...