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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Truth About Nixon and Kissinger and Ending the War in Vietnam; Politics teaches us lessons

In a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives on May 26, 1994, Congressman Pete Stark observed,

    Mr. Speaker, I speak today about the murderous actions of the late former President Richard Nixon and his national security advisor Henry Kissinger in the early 1970's.

    The Nixon administration, elected with a pledge of having a secret plan to end the Vietnam War, took credit in the 1972 elections for the withdrawal from Vietnam and the wind down of the war. The just-published HALDEMAN DIARIES, however, reveal that the withdrawal was delayed for raw, gross political reasons--to look better in the 1972 elections. . . .

    Each day that we delayed our withdrawal, American servicemen died needlessly. Kissinger advised against early withdrawal for election reasons in December of 1970. According to Department of Defense statistics, 2,412 men died in 1971, another 767 in 1972, and 65 more in 1973. In total, 3,244 men died while the withdrawal was delayed for the purposes of ensuring the re-election of Richard Nixon and the sinecure of Henry Kissinger.

    One hundred and forty slabs of stone carry the names of 58,191 dead servicemen at the Vietnam Memorial. If Nixon and Kissinger had considered the lives of their fellow Americans instead of their own political victories, 7 stones would not have been needed. The next time you visit the Wall, think about it--1 out of every 20 names would not be there if we had pulled out quickly and decisively when

    Kissinger first discussed it. One out of every 20 names is there to help win an election for CREEP. The blood of 3,244 servicemen is an enormous burden on the soul to take to your grave. (88:E1116-1117)

in fact, Big watching u and I ...and everyone else...everyday...

"Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications."  As Arkin and Priest document today, there are few safeguards on how all this data is used and abused.

The government's one-way mirror - Glenn Greenwald -

The government's one-way mirror - Glenn Greenwald -

The most dangerous 911 video ever! Twitter: TheHumanati

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown

The Washington Post's Award Winning Article on our unexplored huge national homeland security network

this is a clear astounding in scope national news story that makes it clear, local and state law enforcement agencies are involved directly in gathering information on us citizens every day, across the entire spectrum of us citizens activities...

its an amazing series and it doesn't even itself, pretend to know where this huge military private contractor highly coordinated state to state, state to local and state/local to national homeland security network either begins or ...ends...

its so large, that there isn't even a clear knowledge of who and what are all the pieces except those clearly known to the federal govt' homeland security and military command structures...

AddThis :: Add-ons for Firefox

AddThis :: Add-ons for Firefox

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Executive Director of Midwest Center Elected to Executive Board of Local Branch of NAACP

It is an honor that I was able to run and to receive the support of the local members of the Steubenville Branch of the NAACP in our most recent election.

I'm looking forward to working with the members, the newly elected President Michael McIntyre and the Executive Committee and all members across the district to help build on the historical relevance of the NAACP in southeastern Ohio.

Knowing that the NAACP is open to persons of all races, nationalities and backgrounds, this is a very special honor and one that I will try my best to undertake with purpose and commitment with the view to fulfill the mission and goals of the broad National NAACP efforts on a wide variety of issues as they impact both our region and that of the State of Ohio and around the nation;

its time to roll up the sleeves and get to work building on the strong advocacy of those who have served in recent times faithfully on behalf of those who want to see a fair and equitable society and to have those of color and those of all backgrounds, especially the poor treated better in our region. 

So, soon, and very soon, we aim to make a noise here in the local branch of the NAACP and we aim also to be effective; one cannot be genuine nor successful in the field of civil rights, without doing both ...

Monday, November 22, 2010

     Kenneth Krecken filed a motion inside of Youngstown Ohio's Mahoning County Common Pleas Court in December of 09 and attempted to have a restraining order granted against me.  After a very intense one hour hearing in which Mr. Olivito and the Court cross examined Krecken and his now wife, Rosa Krecken and then filed his own counter motion for a restraining order, the same Court, less than five weeks later, dismissed the original Krecken motion for a restraining order, noting that it wasn't supported by the evidence and that Mr. Krecken as Mr. Olivito's motion indicated, contained its own serious basis for Krecken to be found as having assaulted not just Mr. Olivito but his only son's mother on numerious occasions while placing the minor son in harms way on any number of domestic incidents

     Krecken is my young son's step father, who lives n Boardman Ohio was arrested in two thousand and five for domestic violence.

     This arrest resulted from a brutal drunken assault and beating  with a lamp, an instrumentalty, of his then girlfriend [and my only sons mother] Rosa Lee @ HER OWN mothers home in Boardman, Ohio.  

     My then three year old son witnessed this beating and serious assault upon his mother ACCORDING to the actual police arrest record filed with the Mahoning County Court system by the local police.   The beating was reported in a now apparently sealed or hidden arrest report which detailed how Rosa Lee was found wearing very little, weeping outside in her own backyard, very scared, in the mid-December 05 freezing winter cold.  

    Krecken was found by the responding police after speaking with Ms. Lee, inside the house, yelling and so drunk according to the report, that the officers noted the assailant was completely disabled.  Krecken admitted his drinking three bottles of wine and several beers just prior to his multiple strike beat down of his then live in girlfriend in front of my son at HER mother's house.

     Of course, as in Rome, in Mahoning County, and Boardman in particular, nothing much happened to this guy and the local prosecutor dismissed this serious domestic violence incident and related charge a few weeks later without any further investigation or follow up.

    No follow up investigation; no police or state prosecutor's decision to 'go it alone' as Ohio law provide against a very serious set of domestic and felonious assault allegations.  There was also no presentation for more than mere misdemeanor assault, nor for felonious assault since an instrument was used in the malicious beat down, which prompted his live in girlfriend to flee for her life out of her own mother's home, wearing very little into the winter night cold, as indicated in the evening's arrest records and police incident report.

       But remember, this is Mahoning County and money talks and connections matter.  Recently, even the court records of Krecken's arrest for this serious assault were apparently sealed.  [This seems to be  common practice for this local white bad boy.]

      Even better, I as the young son's natural parent and father, involved then in a contested and seriously controversial custody dispute with the Mom, was NEVER TOLD or even informed by anyone, any official at any time, despite my having an active law practice in the very county itself, at the time; much less the mother or the OFFICIALS in Boardman nor at the Mahoning County Court system, in Boardman at any time,

     Nothing was stated to a then active and high profile member [and father of the said minor son] of the local Mahoning County Bar Assocation by any judicial or police officer or clerk or other officials about the serious danger posed and the exposed risk to my very young son by this live in boyfriend of my son's mother.   This report was duly buried and this incident was covered up by everyone inside the Mahoning Court system, even as I was practicing law inside of the same, with a very high profile set of federal civil rights claims which were the subject of over 80 local news articles.

    In fact, only a few weeks later, after this serious wintery beat down of Mom, at her house, this same man and mother would gain FULL custodial rights inside a Mahoning County Juvenile Court hearing, before Magistrate Sam Amendolara in a hearing wherein I was not even present to contest the same due to a "problem with notice".  

   i.e. a secretive hearing held inside Mahoning County's very secretive Juvenile Court proceedings granted, after a full year and half of contested  arguments and guardian ad litem complete involvement but complete failure to issue a full report to the Court at any time...prior to this son to be allowed and mandated to live within this very same hostile drunken dysfunctional and seriously dangerous active alcholic
live in circumstance and living arrangement.

     [I.E. this very court, ignored or was NEVER informed by any official, much less the boardman police or prosecutor's office and/or anyone else, and/or choose to ignore the same, and placed my son into direct serious hostile living in boyfriend environment within WEEKS OF THIS STEP FATHER" BRUTAL DRUNKEN BEATING OF MY SON"S MOTHER WHILE MY SON WITNESSED THE SAME ACCORDING TO THE MAHONING COUNTY/BOARDMAN OHIO OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT of the Krecken domestic violence arrest, which occured just a month prior to the custody being awarded to the mother, who continued to live in with this same man for the next three years and endured many such ,beatings, assaults, drunken assaults and raging all directly done in front of  my three, four, five and six year old son, continuing down till the presesnt.]

      What is truly tragic for my son is the Kenneth Krecken drunken drama ordeal continued on replete with several more wife beatings and raging reckless drunkenness, some of which became subject to further police calls to the residence and neighbor's calls, which continued on from there in Dec 2005, to further seriously disturb and agitate my very young son for the next Five years,

     Thanks to the ever attentive local Magistrate, at the Mahoning County Juvenile Court and the ever attentive and watchful and very concerned Boardman police Dept and related local officials at Mahoning County Court in Boardman.  

     In 2007, reality met with the Courts and Mahoning County officials cover up of these terrible drunken rages and beatings and domestic indicents and a very young son's life came as close as any natural parent would ever not wish to ever dream a nightmare, that could ever be experienced, short of losing that child.
But this was no mere nightmare or dark imaginary tale or fantasy.  It was St Patty's day, 2007, a date which will haunt me for the remainder of my days quite literally.

     Boardman police were again called to the Krecken residence, to the new improved Krecken residence in fact, just months after their then recent wedding bliss [achieved by krecken with my young son in attendance, coerced ? ]

    This particular night, in March of 2007, my son called me several times, from inside a locked bedroom wherein he was making the calls while located within his very closet.   He wasn't crying but he was seriously under pressure and coercion and significant duress.

    His mother would later join him inside the locked bedroom, telling anyone listening she was so afraid she was going to die that evening, that she was weeping out loud.

     Soon the police were engaged in a open contact call and the local boardman police set up a live feed and perimeter around the new Krecken residence as i was driving at breakneck speeds up Route 11 get to him.

     What was the result of all this high end life affecting drama [especially the intense duress for a six year old son]?

     Absolutely nothing.  No arrests, no even an entry was made.  No contact with krecken and No interivew with my son that evenign whatsoever.  It was unexcusable conduct by the local police for such a serious set of circumstances and call from a six year old locked with his mother inside his own bedroom,w/ her crying and weeping loudly that she was going to be killed that evening.

    The Boardman Police, who were on a continuous live feed with dad and his witness during a very high intensty and very very stressfilled evening, were convinced by "mom" to not enter the house because she had told them, "nothing was wrong" and it was "only a problem creaetd by her ex"...

    Such is the professsionalism and the thoroughness of the Boardman finest inside a very real and complex domestic call.  It was as if they didn't care whatsoever if there were dead bodies to be found in the house, especially one of a six year old who had made three distinct repeated phone calls from wthin his own bedroom starting at seven in the evening lasting on the last one, for over 40 minutes, all ear witnessed by several competent independent adult witnesses and even a retired judicial officer of Ohio, Grandfather.

    All this despite repeated phone calls by a very scared and crying mom from inside a locked child's bedroom with one very drunken raging thing just outside the door...

    What would come of a later filed motion with the court to get at what happened, filed by the father in the local Juvenile court?

    Absolutely nothing.  Again, zero, zip, nada.  The criminal conduct of one serious out of control addictive manic depressive raging alcholic was greated with warmth and "sensitivity" and even welcome open arms by the local Boardman school and police.  Instead, the target became not the criminal conduct of the step parent with a past, but rather, of course, the one truly concerned and very upset and seriously anxious natural father of Joshua Olivito who filed a motion for temporary custody in view of what happened on St. Paddy's day, 2007.

    In fact, the lawyer for the mom and step dad would turn that evenings events around and make it appear the father was simply acting out and was simply "engaging in false behavior"...

    It was later determined this defense lawyer not only was in serious conflict with the father, but was actually a part of the Mahoning County Bar associations earlier ethical investigation which had culminated in Mr. Olivito's law license being targeted by this very same Bar Association several years before his son was almost killed by a crazed drunken step father who...was actually awarded by the Boardman police for his...stand up behavior...

     and the mother and step father were further allowed to maintain their crazy custody over this same child, due the very odd if not bizarre justice system of Mahoning County Ohio and its fn bizarre local police who can't quite determine when domestic violence by threat of death is in force and effect.

     So is the continuing tale of what my very minor child has had to endure, directly due to the antics of one very serious angry and dangerious drunken step father, Kenneth Krecken and the complete condoning and cover up by the local Boardman police of his out of control seriously disturbring domestic violence cycle, which has the mother deeply emeshed in both its intensity and its depth....